About us

Welcome to Barfly! — a sports bar & restaurant that's been a neighborhood favorite for close to 20 years.

Food & Drink

Barfly has an extensive menu of deliciously-prepared foods at reasonable prices, and the kitchen's open until midnight six days a week, Sundays to 11 PM.

The bar is open every night until 4 AM. On weekends, there's a special brunch menu until 4:30 PM. Weather permitting, there's a charming outdoor café with two smoking tables.

TV Sports

For the sports enthusiast, there are a dozen flat-screen TVs, three large-screen high-def TV's, and cable and satellite-dish hook-ups for access to all the games — NBA, NFL, MLB, or NCAA.


There's serious — and just for fun! — pool-playing and darts, with some of the best players (including Barfly-sponsored APA and NYDO teams) and equipment around. Barfly is the only bar in the city with a Diamond Smart Pool Table.

What makes Barfly so well loved on Third Avenue is its welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Whether you’re a first-timer or an old-timer, you’ll find a friendly face, a delicious meal, and a little cheer. A classic New York bar & grill.